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Aitan sinu ettevõttel luua
kaasaaegse ja isikupärase
kohalolu veebis.



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online-kursuste platvormid ja e-poed.


Loon Sinu ettevõttele või tootele isikupärase ja professionaalse visuaalse identiteedi, mis hõlmab logot, värve, fonte ning muud sümbolistikat.

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Sündmuste reklaamimaterjalid
(trükk & online), bännerid, menüüd, kavad, visiitkaardid jms.

KlienDID Räägivad:

Clare hedin
sound and voice therapist, artist
lecturer at central St.Martin’s london

Evelin knows her client’s market and she has the innate ability to read a client and know her audience/market whilst appealing to the subtleties of the market that a client is addressing. I loved working with her. She was kind, patient, creative, responsive and responsible. I never felt afraid to propose ideas and thoughts.
My energy level, my optimism and excitement went up working with Evelin and I am very grateful. Everyone says how much they love my site and I feel more confident and excited to be seen as a result. She turned it from a passive site to a productive and an attractive one!

business coach

Evelin is a talented creative thinker. She perfectly combines her commercial knowledge with her design skills. I’m very satisfied with the results and would therefore absolutely recommend working with or hiring Evelin for creative design work.

former head of communications PWN Amsterdam

Evelin worked with me on several design projects for PWN Amsterdam, including our Annual Report. She delivered design work that complemented text to bring strength to our message. It was always a pleasure to work with her; she was calm and positive and always met deadlines, even when they were tighter than we all would have liked. I recommend Evelin and would be happy to work with her again.

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Juuli 2021
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